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For exchange-traded derivatives, ION provides a product line, Rolfe & Nolan, which offers solutions throughout the trade lifecycle. Over thirty years of experience has been harnessed into producing a powerful suite of products making the Rolfe & Nolan product line one of the world’s leading specialist solutions providing:
  • Comprehensive real-time back office solutions
  • Component based solutions
  • Flexible service delivery, including hosting and facilities management capability
Rolfe & Nolan meets the needs of all financial institutions that trade derivatives from banks, proprietary trading firms and hedge funds to asset managers, execution brokers and commodity houses.

Main Features
Multi-asset class processing including; futures, options, equities, OTC, CFD’s, security futures and foreign exchange.

Multi-entity, multi-currency hierarchy support

Comprehensive reporting suite with definable reports and data extracts for data flow throughout the organization.

Automated trade feeds

Distribution of settlement prices and SPAN/theoretical values from the world’s major exchanges.

Full broker/clearing reconciliation

Private label, multi-lingual Internet deployment

Initial / variation margin and contract valuation calculations across the world’s major exchanges

Regulatory and compliance reporting

Service Delivery
R&N product suite is delivered to meet its dynamic customer base needs, including:
In-House – R&N product is installed at the customer location(s) where it is run and maintained by the customers’ own IT infrastructure.
Facilities Management – R&N product is housed at ION datacenters on the customers own equipment. ION maintain and monitor the hardware/software on behalf of the customer.
ASP (Application Service Provision) – Secure hosted application delivery on ION hardware located at ION datacenters. Customers access this service via leased line or Virtual Private Network.

Component based Solutions
R&N also provide a suite of components for financial institutions wishing to leverage their current infrastructure:
Margin Module – Buy and Sell-side exchange margin calculation including contract valuation and what-if scenarios for over 70 global exchanges.
Brokerage – Global execution brokerage management tool for give up schedule management and the real-time calculation of payable/receivables execution brokerage.
Alerts Direct – Buy and Sell side Risk Monitoring tool, assessing multiple limits for account/entities, incorporating cash/collateral balances, market prices and exchange initial/variation margin, P&L in Real-time.
Fees Direct – Buy and Sell-side fee schedule management and fee reconciliation.
Reconciliation Module - A flexible reconciliation building tool with a library of reconciliations for exchanges, clearing systems and ETD counterparties.